Kemper Crabb

Worship. Art. World.

Kemper Crabb has been called a Medieval man, a Renaissance man, and a culture changer.  He has addressed culture through his music, his teachings and writings for four decades.  With a deeply crafted message for the Church, articulating the core issues of Christian identity and Biblical truths, he continues broadening his audience through speaking at conferences and regional gatherings.  Kemper is a unique, historically grounded voice with a  contemporary focus.


Congregations and stage platforms across the US and Europe have welcomed this message, some supporters:

Cornerstone Festival, Bushnell, IL
Alberta Bible College, Calgary, AB, Canada
Texas A&M University, College Station, TX
University of Texas, Austin, TX
Houston Baptist University, Houston, TX
Second Baptist Church Houston, TX
CrossPoint Community Church, Katy, TX
The Church of St. John the Divine, Houston, TX
Holy Cross Episcopal Church, Sugar Land, TX
Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, Houston, TX
Aristoi Classical Academy, Katy, TX
Fort Bend Christian Academy, Sugar Land, TX

Trinity Episcopal Church, Houston, TX
Second Baptist Church School, Houston, TX
Castle Hills Baptist Church, San Antonio, TX
Lakewood Church, Houston, TX
First Presbyterian Church, Lake Jackson, TX
Bellaire United Methodist Church, Bellaire, TX
First Presbyterian Church, Houston, TX
Westbury Christian School, Houston, TX
WIKI Missions Conference, Houston, TX
Church of the Epiphany (CEEC), Tulsa, OK
The Vineyard Church of Houston, TX

Tinkers In TheToyshop Arts Conference, Washington DC
Meltdown (Christian Hard Rock Music Conference), Wales, UK
Trinity Baptist Church TriPoint Center, San Antonio, TX
Holy Trinity Reformed Episcopal Church, Houston, TX
Frontline Church Worship Conference, Oklahoma City, OK

Messages for your group to consider.  (Each is delivered with optional notes and media support.)

Liberation Front: Resurrecting the Church

"The Church is Heaven’s Colony on Earth."

The Church is reexamining its foundation and definition of purpose.  Time honored traditions are quickly fading into history. How can the church raise their vision to become world-changers?

Liberation Front provides answers for  these core questions with biblical clarity and hope. It provides  a framework for how to live in community together and resurrects its biblical commission

Windows to Glory

A study of the relationship of Scriptural teaching to the historical development of the Arts as a key to artistic definition, understanding, and creativity, aimed at both artists and those who do not consider themselves creative.

Together: The Biblical Covenant as God's Paradigm for Human Relationships

A study of the Biblical Covenant as derived from the Triune Creator's Interpersonal Relations, and as the model for the structure of human society in familial, ecclesiastical, and political life, as well as for all other aspects of Creation.

Taste of Honey, Taste of Dust: The Covenantal Shape of Government

A look at the implications of God's Covenantal expectations and requirements for human government of all sorts, with special attention paid to the area of civil government, with its promise and peril.

 Beyond the Veil: The Shape of Biblical Worship

A study of the implications of the manner and form of the patterns of worship revealed in the Biblical accounts of worship in Heaven for the ethics, purpose, and goals of our worship here on Earth.

Restoration: The Shape, Task, and Destiny of the Kingdom of God

A look at what Scripture teaches about the nature and aims of Christ's Kingdom, and what possibilities, opportunities, and future that Kingdom holds for Christians.

Spin 180: Biblical Reclamation and Cultural Reorientation

 A close look at the scope of Biblical Sanctification and its embrace of changing not only individuals, but also societies and cultures, restoring them to their originally-intended purposes in God's Intent, as well as examination of historical examples of those possibilities.

Revolution Bible Study

Hear Kemper's weekly Bible study which is currently looking at the Kingdom of God, what it is, and how it is displacing the present world system. 7:30 pm Thursdays, the Church of St. John the Divine, Houston, TX. (Child care provided.)

For more information or scheduling contact: 281.686.1287