Kemper Crabb

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Kemper Crabb is a contemporary scholar, a dedicated Episcopal priest, a prolific recording artist and quiet revolutionary. His media impact varies from his PBS special, Downe in Yon Forest, with a viewing audience in the millions, to a series of worship recordings and rock albums shared on early CCM radio.
Throughout all his creative transformations, Kemper has been devoted to Christ and His church. He has studied, served and become a well-respected priest known for his exceptional teaching. His ardor for Christ leads his community to pursue an uncompromising Gospel. He is a sought after teacher in and out of his ordained CEEC community. A bold Texan, he has a heritage of evangelism through his father who has been engaged in foreign missions for over forty years, with two Nobel prize nominations. His personal passion for Jesus and His church has led Kemper to write Liberation Front and engage readers to consider the Church as a colony of heaven. 

Discover the ideas behind Liberation Front.


I love his mastery of a wide variety of very diverse creative forms. In short: Kemper Crabb? I’m a fan.
— Diana Pavlac Glyer

The Church is Heaven’s Colony on Earth

The Church is searching for a foundation and definition of purpose. Christian believers worldwide struggle to find their mission amidst a culture torn with moral controversy. It has been shattered by its own failures. Time honored traditions are quickly fading into history. How can this world-weary community raise their vision to become world-changers?
Liberation Front answers these core questions with biblical clarity and hope. It is a timeless message that gives a triumphant context through the ages. Providing a framework for how to live in community together, it resurrects its biblical commission. It tells the inspiring story of the power of the Church and the beauty of its eternal directive. The Church is a liberation front.

Published by Post Hill Press.

"Music, mentoring, teaching, blogging: I've watched Kemper Crabb for decades, and I have been profoundly blessed. His is a unique voice, a fresh take, a perspective that stands apart from the rest. I love his passionate concern for the things of God. I love his inventive blend of old and new. I love his mastery of a wide variety of very diverse creative forms. In short: Kemper Crabb? I'm a fan."

Diana Pavlac Glyer, award-winning author of Clay in the Potter's Hands and The Company They Keep: C. S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien as Writers in Community.

"Endorsing Kemper Crabb is one of the easier things I’ve been asked to do.  While his leading of worship at our church is exceptional, his preaching and teaching may be even better.  He plumbs the depth and breadth of God’s Word and makes it clear to his listeners, opening up minds to the mind of Christ.  I always look forward to hearing new songs he has composed and now I can look forward to a new book."

Reagan Cocke, Assistant Rector and Director of Adult Education, the Church of St. John the Divine (Episcopal), Houston, TX.